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Black Holes by Bengisu Koyukan

I designed this installation art project for my internship at WOW in Tokyo, Japan. I chose black holes as concept for the annual WOW exhibition because I find their features very close to human emotions evolving around depression. So why can't we represent black holes both in real meaning and the poetic one? Stephen Hawking says black holes are like a trap and even the light cannot get out of it. When you are in depression you also feel like you are in a never-ending cycle of a trap and hopeless like a light trapped in the event horizon of a black hole and there is no way out. I thought making something tranquilizing and atmospheric to watch can represent these feelings. To see yourself in this endless hopeless cycle I thought choosing mirror as a material can be the best match.

sketch 1.jpg

Absorbing Mirror

In this artwork I used discs of groups of shattered mirror pieces to create a feeling of an absorbing black hole as if the viewer gets sucked into it.

sketch 2.jpg

Absorbing Mirror

You can see in the sketches, these discs are placed from bigger pieces to smaller pieces getting behind of each others in a line.

Black Hole GIF.gif

Absorbing Mirror

Discs are turning clockwise and counter clockwise in an order.


Absorbing Mirror

For example 1st 3rd and 5th one is turning clockwise while 2nd 4th and 6th one turning counter clockwise.

Absorbing Mirror

Also they are getting close and far to each other just like a zooming in and out camera lens to strengthen this feeling


Absorbing Mirror

This is how would the viewer see in front of it.

horizan mirror.jpg

Horizon Mirror

In the second artwork I wanted to use huge rectangle mirrors. Every part of these rectangles are reflective.

horizan mirror sketch 2.jpg

Horizon Mirror

Mirrors are placed like in the sketches

horizan mirror sketch 3.jpg

Horizon Mirror

In the middle of them there is a projection device within a funnel to reflect space images to every part of the mirrors.

horizan mirror sketch.jpg

Horizon Mirror

Mirrors are moving forward and backward without touching to each other and breaking their line.

horizon mirror for exhibition view _NORM

Horizon Mirror

There can be a rail system underneath them to make this happen.


Core Mirror

In this last artwork I tried to represent the core of the black hole and the pressure of gravity of it. When you are feeling pain or a void your heart feels very heavy and it feels like you are collapsing through inside just like a dying star on its way to becoming a black hole. That’s why I thought I can make something moving like a heart.

exhibition GIF.gif

Core Mirror

In this installation I decided using reflective mirror like metals attached to each as if they have joints between them. With their moving parts between them they can transform to each other like a beating heart. They are changing from the first image to the last one.

To create a space like feeling I thought placing these works in a place covered with reflective material would be nice. 

I also think using a mist maker to create a smoke and reflecting space images by using projection device can give a better feeling. To create starry areas using micro leds would be also nice.

Here is a video I made for this project. I also made the music of it.

To listen the music I made here is a youtube link.

To learn more about WOW, Japan you can visit their site from here.



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