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Bengisu Koyukan

Production Designer | Illustrator | Set Designer | Colorist

Hello. I welcome you to my humble website. Here you can discover my artworks, skills, professional experience and find out about my lifestyle. I do what I love and I love to share what I do. Take your time, I hope you enjoy your trip


I have always believed that I needed go through the path of knowledge and experience if I wanted to reach the simplicity of success. An eloquent silence. Where I can find a truth so correct that my words wouldn't have to be bold. Where I can wear a modesty without pudency. Just like an active spiritual tranquility.


I do think one can achieve this even in a world full of noises. Because if you choose your path with knowledge and passion and follow it; you can look and rejoice and laugh. Then you will see and know your truth.



Ankara, Türkiye